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Revised Ski Club Schedule:

Mad River is closed on Tuesday, March 7, so we are unable to go.

The weather has not cooperated this winter which has made a difficult ski season. This week was going to be the last trip, but it now is cancelled due to Mad River closing.
We will hope next winter has far better conditions!

Information and Pricing for the 2017 Ski Club Season

Listed below are the links to the Ski Club forms. Please read the Information Letter, then print needed forms and return to your school.
Deadline to return ski forms to your school is Wednesday, December 7

Think Snow!

Forms - Mad River Online Application Form

High Schools

Middle Schools
High School 2017 Information Letter
Mad River 2017 Prices
High School Ski Club Permission
High School 2017 Special Trips Permission
Middle School 2017 Information Letter
Mad River 2017 Prices
Middle School Ski Club Application
Medical Form - 2 pages

Helmets & Wrist Guards Info
Helmets & Guards Info
Medical Form-2 pages
Co-Curricular Code
Middle School Ski Club Rules
Co-Curricular Code

Aspen Ski/Board Rental/Buy Information
Aspen Ski/Board Rental/Buy Information


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